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Membership Features

2,310 Guitar Lessons and counting...

Guitar Lessons that Inspire

What's Included

We offer online guitar lessons that deliver results. No matter your skill or style, our guitar teachers will help you discover your infinite potential as a guitarist! A Full Access membership includes:

  • Thousands of video lessons
  • Master instructors from around the world
  • Downloadable backing tracks
  • Playable tablature
  • Growing community of like-minded guitarists
  • and much more!

Professional Guitar Teachers from around the world

If you're searching for guitar teachers who know their craft and are passionate about teaching it, you've come to the right place. Our instructors are incredibly skilled, not only with their instrument, but also in the art of teaching and helping you retain what you learn. Let us help you on your guitar journey!

Guitar Teachers

All Styles.
All Levels.

Infinite Guitar's lesson library hosts guitar lessons of all styles and levels. Are you a beginner looking to rock out your first power chords? An advanced fusion guitarist looking to sharpen your theory knowledge?

Wherever you're at on your guitar journey,
we've got you covered.

Complete Lessons & Track your Progress

Track your goals and get detailed statistics for guitar lessons you've completed. To mark a lesson as complete, simply click the checkmark button on lists and lesson pages.

Track Guitar Lesson Progress

State of the Art Lesson Search Interface

The Lesson Search interface is designed to help you find exactly what you're looking for as quickly as possible. With category selections such as Lesson Type, Media, Difficulty, Topic, Style, and Instructors, you can instantly find the guitar lessons you want.

Guitar Lesson Search

Downloadable Backing Tracks

When learning guitar or any other instrument, application is key. That's why many of our guitar lessons are accompanied with backing tracks, allowing you to practice what you've learned in a fun and effective way.

And speaking of fun, you can even customize the colors of your audio player!

Guitar Backing Tracks

Customize your Audio Player

Guitar Tablature and Notation

Detailed Tablature & Notation

The guitar lessons at Infinite Guitar are accompanied with tablature that is both detailed and highly comprehensive. And for those who would rather learn using traditional notation instead of tablature, we provide notation as well.

Lesson Bookmarking

Keep track of your favorite guitar lessons so you can re-watch and go back to them at a later time. To add a lesson to your "Watch Later" list, click the clock button on lists and lesson pages.

Watch Guitar Lessons Later

Lessons for Left-hand Guitarists

Right-handed guitar lessonsRight-Handed
Left-handed guitar lessonsLeft-Handed

When it comes to video guitar lessons, we understand that left-hand guitarists often feel left out. (pun!) But here at Infinite Guitar we've customized our entire library to adapt to left-handed players. In your Settings, just specify if you're left-handed and all videos and images will flip horizontally.

Downloadable Guitar Pro Files

We offer Guitar Pro files to be downloaded with our lessons. If you own Guitar Pro, you can play, study, and even edit our tabs! Enhance your learning experience at Infinite Guitar with Guitar Pro.

Guitar Pro
Mobile Guitar Lessons

Optimized for Tablets & Smartphones

No need to be stuck behind a desktop computer to enjoy Infinite Guitar's lessons. Take us mobile! Whatever your device, you'll have easy access to all our guitar lessons and you won't even have to download an app. Just come directly to the site and enjoy.